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Most of all you heard about Uber like it is probably the biggest startup in the world, estimated total value at more than $ 60 billion today, has jump started a new on demand economy that affects companies all around the world. The economy of on demand solutions is still growing, and if you want to be a part of this success story and have an idea similar to Uber, our Clone Apps services are an ideal solution.

Why choose ZubrSoft?

1) Most of clone scripts providers are companies are based in India, and it looks like most of them are working on almost obsolete technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, which today is not the chosen technology stack for scalable and fast applications.
2) The code of these companies is poorly written, and can hardly be expanded at all.
3) Companies that develop applications are mainly companies that previously came from web development into application development, without understanding the specificity of mobile and standalone systems.

4) Most of these companies do not have the practice of Devops and do not practice Continuous Integration. There is no real design pattern in their codes which makes it harder to imroved of fix issues if necessary.
5) Many of these companies literally deceive people, as they go by multiple names, pieces and domains, while being basically the same company that  just goes by different names.
6) Some companies have products that work, but they are so small that they can not really be used for any real business.

We provide complete solution with our clone apps to create their business from scratch.

Our clone app services have exceptional performance and scalability.