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Evolution of blockchain software development imitates the early behavior of the Internet. Currently, blockchain technology seems to be reserved for the elite, but soon enough each company will use it on a daily basis.

At ZubrSoft we have deep experience in developing solutions and can help provide cutting edge solutions beyond bitcoins. We provide services for application development, architecture and software integration, support solutions for P2P security, transparency and profitability.

We bring respected and recognized consulting services to customers on blockchain technologies and build a blockchain network. We help clients' experiments and introduce proof of blockchain technology concepts and gradually expand the scale to product release.

Internal development or outsourcing?

This is a dilemma that companies from startups to fortune 500 enterprises are trying to solve for a long time, and companies in the blockchain industry are no exception.Despite the undefined potential of blocking for changing yet unknown methods, one thing is certain - the industry certainly needs effective customer service. And, as we see, the needs of customers are growing.

There are new opportunities for working with cryptography, and companies have no choice but to gain confidence through strong support. Here are five main reasons why the blockchain companies should go outsource.


Every business owner knows that it is a key element. Building your own team will require a lot of resources, while hiring outsourcing customer support with tools will save your time and cut costs.


The presence of internal staff requires not only the purchase of infrastructure, but can also be very costly when it comes to watches or the support of several languages. Working with the right team from the outsourcing industry will give your companies low-cost options that can save you more than 50% compared to the internal team.

Global support

To succeed in blokchain your startup should have 24/7 multilingual support. It's hard to deal with this from one place. Outsourcing is the right solution for your company to attract customers around the world and around-the-clock communication.




With an unpredictable cryptographic world, the support team should remain flexible with changes. Scaling your customer support to handle any situation can be taxed and expensive. The experienced team has well-proven processes that scale rapidly in all aspects of customer service.


Of course, startups know their market, but at the same time, many of them can not provide exceptional support and quickly cope with this. A qualified outsourcing support team has everything you need to quickly and efficiently provide competent service and problem solving.

ZubrSoft team is ready to help your business with the blockchain technology integration and make up a blockchain-based project for you!

We can give you all the necessary information about what and how the blockchain works.

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