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Bitrix24 Consulting/Integration Whether you are interested in sales (or marketing) automation or you are looking to improvement of your sales teams’ productivity, or want to open your business to new decisions on timely and deep analysis, we are happy to share our CRM experience with you. ZubrSoft is an official Bitrix24 partner provides full cycle consulting and integration services that help you embrace capabilities of Bitrix CRM platform optimize all of its benefits for your business. We provide custom modules integration to deliver, as a result, a cost-effective integration that allows you to:


Connect the front with the back office (sales, and customer support teams with production and logistics departments).


End to end business processes automatization .


Enable sales reps to effective usage of the Bitrix interface functionality.


Enhance user experience with a single authentication across tools.


Get a 360-degree customer view.


Deliver a consistent customer experience.

Custom CRM development
Why custom CRM when there are plenty ready-made solutions? Custom CRM is so much more than just a major assistant at your sales routine, custom software provides more than just streamline sales. It can influence and improve nearly every department including marketing, HR, IT, etc. and might be used productively at every firm that deals with multiple contacts simultaneously unregarding on the industry. ZubrSoft’s CRM developers use their experience to implement solution that can help you optimize any process related to relationship management. As a result, you get such benefits as process automation, custom reporting, advanced analytics, decision support, as well as collaboration environment and efficient data management. Custom CRM is a specific software product that is built in accordance with the business objectives of the company. This individual solution gives you the freedom not only to effectively manage your interaction with current customers, but also to increase the attractiveness of your business to potential customers. Using all the available tools of the CRM system, such as client life cycle and workflow management, simple statistics creation, user roles and permissions settings, you can track and organize each stage (contact, lead and client) of building relationships with your customers. ZubrSoft’s CRM software helps you manage all of your pre-sale and post-sale activities. As new deals close, you can easily convert opportunities into projects. Delegate tasks to your team and hold them accountable with trackable due dates, email reminders, and daily status reports. As your business grows, you need to make sure the sales department processes can keep up and that the same level of attention is given to every customer and lead. Automation of repetitive tasks helps your sales team spend less time on data entry and more on selling.

Why choose ZubrSoft?

Experienced CRM Engineers


We develop quality software in accordance to the latest standards. When finished, our experienced engineers will perform custom CRM application development or customize the existing platform to meet all your needs.

Ongoing Maintenance


In addition to deployment and configuration, we offer continuous maintenance for enterprises working on CRM, to timely update the system to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Team of professionals


ZubrSoft has a well-known team of professional QA engineers, business analysts and project managers who build efficient customizable CRM systems on time and within budget.

Seamless communication


Using our flexible forms of cooperation and various models for managing dedicated teams, you can significantly reduce the cost of developing and maintaining CRM.

ERP systems are software that will greatly assist in planning, administering and optimizing internal business processes, including production, human resources, supply chain, customer relationship management, finance and warehouse management. Typically, ERP software integrates the organization's data and processes into a single, unified system. At ZubrSoft we offer the best ERP solutions that can benefit companies unregarding of size or industry. Simple and timely information access we provide, allows you increase the data exchange efficiency and as a result, overall effectiveness of the organization. With experience through multiple industries and technical expertise, we implement ERP software that best meets the requirements of many enterprises. Our software solutions helps organizations optimize their processes and increase profits. The key principle of ERP is central data collection for wide dissemination. Instead of several stand-alone databases with an endless supply of disconnected spreadsheets, ERP systems find order in chaos, so all users - from the CEO to the creditor creditors - create, store and use the same data obtained through common processes.



Eliminating repetitive processes, ERP helps reduce the need for manual input of information. Thus, the system simplifies business processes, making it much easier and more efficient for companies to collect data.



You do not need to distribute data in many separate databases, and you will find all the information located in one place. Thus, the data is consistent, and also updated.



Reporting becomes much easier and is configured with the help of ERP software. Thanks to advanced reporting capabilities, your company easily manages complex data requests. Users are allowed to run their own reports without having to rely on IT help.



When you use the ERP system, you get quality customer service, people with sales and customer service are much easier to interact with customers, thereby improving their relationship with them, thanks to faster and much more accurate access to information and customer histories.



With the new system, you get better accuracy, consistency and data security. In this way, you can even improve data restrictions.



Yes, reducing operational costs is one of the most immediate benefits of implementing ERP, such as lower inventory management costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs.

The main functions of our ERP systems are:

- Financing and accounting, procurement, supply chain, production, distribution and distribution, budgeting and planning, human capital management and customer service processes

- Provides mobile and analytical capabilities for the provision of contextual information, enabling decision-making based on data and deeper interaction with stakeholders

- Integrates business process services, applications and infrastructure to provide a single point of responsibility

- Provides a smooth and rapid implementation with preconfigured and standardized business processes, workflows, integration infrastructure and implementation accelerators

- Offers a flexible pricing model with payment for use, which is combined with the changing needs of the business, increasing scalability and optimizing operating costs

All enterprises have one thing in common. They are all different. They have different plans, different processes and cultures. And we see it as a good thing. With ZubrSoft you can use the market-leading BPM software to develop, execute, manage and optimize your processes so you can better understand what makes you really stand out. We offer the most intuitive package of business process management on the market, which allows large organizations to quickly optimize and automate complex processes. In BPM infrastructures, solutions are almost always based on the workflow or a set of workflows. The concept is that working in a business environment in real time should not be static, but should develop through several stages (the "process") in time. Finding a sequential action solution is effective in motivating teams to meet goals over a set period. The business process management platform facilitates advancement through tasks, sending participants a reminder of the status and timing of their tasks. Because of this, teams that use these BPMS solutions tend to perform faster and perform tasks more consistently.

While business process management software is known to automate processes, modern BPM includes much more:

  • Process. Simple web modeling using the BPMN and SOA methodologies allows you to quickly develop and automate business processes.
  • Rules. Automation, implementation and audit of policies and practices of a dynamic, rule-driven business process.
  • Design tools. Rich, easy-to-use panel creation tools allow users to quickly create simple interfaces that provide personalized content for faster work.
  • Analytics - monitor the process performance in real time, create rich report panels, identify process bottlenecks and optimize the flow of business process efficiency.
  • Mobile - mobile mobility is enabled with ZubrSoft. Create once and deploy instantly on any mobile device.
  • Content. Integrated management of documents and content allows you to store, protect, update, search and manage content in your company.
  • Cooperation. Encourage teamwork with processes with integrated streaming discussions, message boards and targeted content for each user.
  • Data Access - to convert the complete information from all corporate systems on any topic in a matter of seconds. Then review the summary drill report with as much detail as possible.
  • Visibility and transparency - ZubrSoft user interfaces provide greater visibility for important business events, so each participant has the right context for taking the right actions.

Business communication is due to the exhausting number of applications, devices and platforms. Because companies are looking for ways to improve productivity and collaboration, they also increase the number of channels that employees can leak or steal corporate data. Rapidly growing data makes it difficult for companies to track, protect and store sensitive data within their corporate boundaries. Spontaneous change in the IT environment with a shift in boundaries makes this even more difficult. Preventing Data Loss ZubrSoft products help enterprises detect, monitor, and protect data at rest, in motion and in use to prevent exfiltration and ensure regulatory compliance.


Make sure that confidential data does not leave your network, whether it is copied to devices, to the clipboard or through online services


Manage the use of USB and other portable storage devices and apply strong security policies to protect your vital data and the health of your network.


Store confidential data in an encrypted form while driving and access them anywhere, no matter where you are on any computer running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Get full control and detailed monitoring of your mobile devices and make sure that your data is safe anytime and anywhere, they are transferred, keeping up with the BYOD trend.

ZubrSoft DLP can detect, monitor and protect sensitive data wherever it is used - in the office, on the road or in the cloud. This gives you full visibility and control over a wide range of data loss channels: cloud applications, endpoints, data repositories, emails and web communications. It is easy to manage data loss policies and incidents in each channel - all from one powerful management console. We offer flexible deployment options for any type of environment: local, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Our technology allows you to see how your data is used and how a leak occurs.

Quick data definition A stronger classification of data determines and classifies data that is important to your particular organization.

Make sure that you remain compatible Set the priority for eliminating critical compliance information and highly sensitive data for less important data.

Simplify deployment and management We create DLP solutions available through physical or virtual devices with a low level of maintenance and uses McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator for simplified deployment, management, updates and reports.

Our goal is to help you protect your company's confidential data and provide a safe working environment with portable and mobile devices. If you are responsible for protecting data in a small company or enterprise, do not forget that preventing the leakage of Endpoint Data is important to protect your business and your customers. ZubrSoft solutions make DLP easy for you and accessible to your company.