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For most companies, complex application landscapes (with a combination of obsolete systems, digital and SaaS) - consume too much of the IT resources and limit their ability to drive digital growth. To be the a leader and not to be led, you need to put innovation at the heart of your applications, but finding a practical path to doing so is far from straightforward.

ZubrSoft Enterprise development offers business design, enterprise architecture and infrastructure architecture that help organizations turn digital transformation into an integral part of internal capabilities. We are building software solutions to help enterprises from start-ups to large enterprises reduce the complexity of managing different resources. The decisions we are making are focused on solving the problems of rapid infrastructure development and providing promising technologies for business technologies.

Our innovative approach to application engineering helps you invent an individual application portfolio using the latest technology quickly and flexibly so that you can meet the needs of your business not just at present moment but far in the future.

Stages of development

Research and analysis

We analyze the existing state and the expected result and collect requirements.

Prototyping and UX

We create live prototypes that allow us to evaluate the interaction of users within solutions, study the user's perception of the product and gain a deep understanding of the product.

Design and interface

The solution we create must be friendly, easy to use, personalized. That's why we pay much attention to UX / UI in the development process.


Our best developers implement software applications based on all requirements, data, prototypes and other materials collected and created in the previous stages. Usually the process is iterative, so you constantly see new results as the next phase is beginning.

Final testing and integration

We care about the quality of the product, so in addition to the tests that were launched at the design stage, in the end we conduct large and comprehensive tests. After that, we help to deploy the software on your servers and integrate our solutions with other existing systems in your environment.

Support and maintenance

If you want, if you are interested in supporting and maintaining the product, our specialists are good at this. We will update the product to an ever-changing environment and new business goals.