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PinUP - Commercial Real Estate Platform

Start Date

November 2017

Expertise time

2 000h+

Total Cost

$45 000+

Total time spent

4 months

PinUP by ZubrSoft: making it work


Real estate software development sphere has a phase of active growth, becoming richer for new user-friendly applications and tools to simplify the whole work..

ZubrSoft team is really proud that we were able to bring our contribution to this area by developing a super-convenient real estate platform with a piquant name PinUP.


The dream project


Making acquaintance with our customer, one large and very successful commercial business group in Russia, we managed to determine the main components of the future product:


  • Thrifty. The project is considered to involve not only lower service costs, but also a reduction in time for interaction and the establishment of a high-qualified workflow.

  • Simplicity. The project should offer a new approach of landowner and agency collaborative work, making it faster and keeping all the related documentation in digital format.

  • Mobility. The project platform should be flexible and be able to adapt to any system requirements.


The approach that ZubrSoft chooses in dealing with customers is distinguished by increased accuracy. We carefully work on the joint technical task, we check the optimal tools  for the project implementation.

The requirements have been clarified, the goals have been set, and now ZubrSoft professionals can start the most fascinating part - it is developing!


How we managed with this challenge


ZubrSoft great team of PHP team lead, UI/UX designer and qualified developers started to work on the present project with real excitement.


One of the most interesting features of this work is that this project is considered to be useful oriented on the giants of commercial real estate that are not involved in this industry exclusively. The primary business can be in bank, oil, railroad, transportation or other spheres. All these industries are totally different, but they can have something in common - their real estate income is huge.


During about 4 months and spending more than 2000 hours of expertise time we have been creating this unique product platform with functional CRM and ERP systems. And we finally did it!


Dreams come true!

The result of our hard work is impressive. We managed not only to create an absolutely working version of the product, but also to achieve the following criterions:


  • PinUP gives a real possibility to have a simple work with different types of document, making extra document review and editing by two-side document sharing;

  • Real estate PinUp platform makes customer’s costs less by about 0.5 - 1.0% when buying and up to 30% when renting;

  • It allows agencies to cut the costs of advertising campaigns and marketing expenses by 30%.


We are satisfied by the present results and believe in great prospects for this project. Our specialists are glad to know that our hard work makes somebody’s work easier and better!


  • Team:
  • Team Lead - Senior PHP developer
  • 2 Senior Back End developer
  • 2 Middle PHP developers
  • Senior Frontend developer
  • UI/UX designer



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Integration Testing



Discovery Phase

Microsoft Azure

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Project Management


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Unit Testing


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