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DiaBest - Real Time eTrading Platform

Start Date

February 2018

Expertise time

2 100h+

Total Cost

$52 500+

Total time spent

3 months

DiaBest by ZubrSoft: creating small for the great


For many years diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases on the planet. According to the actual statistics, there are more than 10% of the US population and about 400 million of people around the world who have such diagnosis. The life of all these people is really tough and has many related difficulties.


ZubrSoft company pays a special attention to social and health problems. We are always ready to take part in different programs and medical software projects that can make life of patients a little easier.


The project concept


The customer of this project is a large American retail enterprise that is concerned about health problems. The customer team researched one big problem for people with diabetes - it is shoes. It is known that some complications of the disease can cause pain and inflammation in the legs, so the choice of comfortable shoes for such people is always a challenge. Moreover, it is rather expensive to buy it in shops - and there is the possibility to give one pair of shoes and three pairs of corrective insoles for free, covered by health insurance.

In association with state insurance program and its own sources, the customer company wanted to create an online platform that allows people with diabetes not only to order the appropriate shoes, but also to get a corrective orthopedic insole for their individual size and pay for their own health insurance. For ZubrSoft team it was an honor for us to help in the development of this good project.


Project works


Defining primary tasks and goals, we begun to implement our contribution to the work. It was important to make this online service convenient and understandable for use, not missing any of the components of a difficult delivery chain.


The embedding of a landing page on the site of shoe suppliers, the formulation of the order form of the goods and the confirmation of the order - it was easy to carry out this work. The challenge was in the following step: it was much more difficult to find the right tools for each person to measure the foot to order the orthopedic insole and send his parameters directly to the supplier. But the way we finally chose for our project is quite convenient - the measurements become possible by means of special detailed curves which is sent to the patient’s email.


Another accent of the project is to link to the payment of health insurance. Our specialists did it great and instrumented an useful and simple interface for this feature.


The result product


The whole work lasted about three months with more than 2000 hours, and we were glad to see the result.


At the present day this online service is available for use and offers its clients:


  • to make an order on different popular marketplaces, included eBay and Amazon services;

  • to choose the necessary orthopedic insoles and make measurements individually to have the appropriate sizes of goods;

  • to pay via medical health insurance, getting guaranteed help;

  • to receive an order with a courier at a convenient place and time.


ZubrSoft team truly believes in this product and hopes that it will do good for all people suffering from such a serious disease. We have made our small work for a better future.  

  • Team:
  • Senior Business Analytic
  • Senior Back End developer
  • Senior Frontend developer
  • UI/UX designer



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