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Loot - e-Sports Betting Service

Start Date

November 2017

Expertise time

4 000h+

Total Cost

$100 000+

Total time spent

7 months

Betting service Loot: E-sports has never been so real!


Well, which of us does not like sports? No matter what kind of sports everybody likes - the most exciting thing is a game spectacularity. Watching the intense game, you really feel the true spirit of competition and desire your favorite team to win, whether it is fierce fightings in some cybersport games. And the whole this process can become more interesting with reasonable money bets.


The dream project


One cold November evening, ZubrSoft team got an attractive offer to develop a functional service for betting in matches of the most popular E-sports games. And the name of this future service is Loot.


Our customer represented a large cybersport platform and had clear requirements for the future project. The priority of the service was its absolute convenience for users. No complications - transparent and simple management, trouble-free operation and fun of the game. Rich experience suggests that externally simple things contain a complex structure inside, so it was a challenge for our development team.


There were a lot of work to be done, and we eagerly started this interesting project.


How we managed with this challenge


ZubrSoft used the most experienced part of its team for work on the project. Back-end developers created the excellent product base. The front-end developer and designers laboured on the perfectly functioning appearance of the program. And the whole work process was under the command of first-class team leader and business analyst who is so necessary in projects like this.


During seven months and 4000 hours of hard work and learning a lot about cyber sports, we:


  • set up the necessary currency units

  • connected the most convenient opportunities for making payments

  • developed a stylish design and user-friendly interface of the service.


Isn’t it cool? It is!


Dreams come true!


It is known that E-sports sphere is on the rise, it promises to be one of the most demand business segments, but also as a true sports discipline.


We are proud to see what we have achieved as a result. Now Loot is a fully functional service platform is able to:


  • make multi-currency bets;

  • perform payments in any convenient way (credit cards, payment systems or even cryptocurrency);

  • give users more information about the next events and the most trending markets with the most expected matches;

  • prohibit access to users who have not reached the required age, or restrict access to the service by some other criteria that can be customized individually.

  • Team:
  • Team Lead - Senior PHP developer
  • Senior Business Analytic
  • 2 Senior Back End developers
  • 1 Junior PHP developer
  • Senior Frontend developer
  • 2 UI/UX designers



Project Management


Interface Testing




InVision Cloud

User Acceptance Testing


Requirements Gathering


Unit Testing


Requirements Analysis


Integration Testing


Discovery Phase

Microsoft Azure

Regression Testing


Development Center

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