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How we work

How we work

In today's business circles, companies who wants to stay on top must constantly reinvent themselves. At ZubrSoft, we combine our capabilities to invent, develop and deliver ambitious solutions for customers, make them scalable and fast. We provide the highest level of confidence and satisfaction through a deep commitment to our customers, comprehensive industry experience and a global network of projects from various industries.
Our company structure is working through multiple domains and manages to provide customer with an elegant solution in every single industry. Agile methodologies we embrace allows us to be responsive to rapidly changing environment that provides us competitive advantage. We make our mission to help our clients achieve the most ambitious goals in their businesses by providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions and services and ensuring that all of our customers enjoy working with us.
Most rewarding projects are usually complex and make high demands on software providers. In order to be successful, the project must have concrete value to the business, promote your market position and put you ahead of your competitors - all this while meeting the expected requirements for scope, timetable and budget constraints. Without a clearly defined, predictable methodology, the chances of a successful solution of such a task would be negligible.
Each project is unique and must serve individual customer’s purposes, and we fully understand this. Instead of rigidly introducing an approach based on one level, we carefully evaluate the business of yours, it’s needs and expenses. After understanding this, we design the best way to achieve the success of your project.
Since our founding, we have gained vast experience in the most popular software development methodologies and currently our favorite choice is Scrum. We also closely follow and apply best practices from other methods, such as Waterfall and RUP.

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