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How we work

How we work

In today's business circles, companies who wants to stay on top must constantly reinvent themselves. At ZubrSoft, we combine our capabilities to invent, develop and deliver ambitious solutions for customers, make them scalable and fast. We provide the highest level of confidence and satisfaction through a deep commitment to our customers, comprehensive industry experience and a global network of projects from various industries.
Principle 1. See the goal & go for it
Goal-setting is the main beginning of any work. If a customer knows what he wants to see as a satisfactory result at different stages of work, then this is already half the success of the whole project.
The mission of ZubrSoft is to help our clients define their goals and achieve it in their businesses by providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions and services and ensuring that all of our customers enjoy working with us.
Principle 2. Remember the value
No matter how useful or much-needed a project may seem to a customer.It is important to understand and take into account the essential value of this product - will it be in demand in the market? Is it really possible to generate income with this
product? Usually all most rewarding projects are very complicated and require a lot of sources. ZubrSoft experienced specialists always can advise the clients about modern market needs in a specific project.
Principle 3. Emphasize the individuality
Each project is unique and must serve individual customer’s purposes - that’s the way we firmly understand. Some work processes in ZubrSoft can be cranked out, but we always have an individual approach to each customer or project.
We carefully evaluate the business of every client, its needs and expenses. Also we never hide from the clients information about the real or possible risks of a particular project - in return we will offer them different ways to solve and avoid problems.
Principle 4. Work way through learning
Since the founding, ZubrSoft professionals have gained a vast experience in the most popular software development methodologies. Currently our favorite choice is Scrum that helps achieve the desired results makes our work very quick,
comfortable and extremely effective. We do not stop learning new and also closely follow and apply best practices from other methods, such as Waterfall and RUP.

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