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DevOps is a certain set of practices meant to automate different teams collaboration involved in software development process, giving them freedom to create, test and release software faster and more reliably. The concept of DevOps is based on building a certain culture of cooperation between teams that were historically relative within software engineering process. The DevOps provides many benefits including, but not limited to: - increased confidence, - faster software releases, - the ability to quickly solve critical problems and better manage unplanned work.

We provide DevOps as a separate type of service, with an automated software delivery process providing scalability and security for infrastructures from startup phase to large enterprises.
We integrate your development and operations into a single rapid deployment object, use the code to manage your infrastructure and ensure the transparency, collaboration and cross-functionality of your teams.

ZubrSoft embraces the best DevOps practices to help our partners implement complex, fast-growing projects without sacrificing infrastructure capabilities and the production quality:

Flexible, continuous delivery of software

We integrate development with testing and operations and feedback into a single, iterative workflow so you can quickly deploy new features while ensuring the stability of your production environment on a global scale. The closer collaboration between teams, the less bad code.

A faster response to changes

Our flexible delivery process allows our clients to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the markets, improving software with the maximum possible speed. We believe in our strategy and efforts and we help our clients to make way toward the best results.

Automated quality control and testing

To speed up features deployment, we accelerate QA routine by applying an integrated approach where quality is the responsibility of every person and bound with continuous development, creation and implementation.

Transparent development process

When we step in, we remove the boundaries of traditional development tools, testing and operations. We always keep you up to date, providing full progress visibility and helping you identify problems earlier and plan more effectively.