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Our team over here at ZubrSoft LLC has some exciting news to announce to all our loyal customers! The esteemed Clutch.co named us one of the top Custom Software Development Companies in the world! They’re highlighting us for our work in custom software development and web development. Investing in your business is incredibly important for

Technical Support

Once the development is finished, many clients ask themselves: ‘Why do I need Tech Support, if everything is working as intended without it?’ In this article I would like to shed some light on web projects’ unobvious issue of Tech Support, which, when neglected, results in negative experience when first problems come up. Let’s have

Successful Development of Dating App

What can be better than the realization that you make someone’s life more happy? It is even better when there are many such people and with every day their number is increasing. No, it’s not about some universal virtue – today we will talk about such a helpful and attractive thing as mobile dating applications.

Technologies are being introduced into the work of specialists of almost any sphere. For example, one of the most difficult and serious industries such as real estate has already implied the full use of various tools that make it possible to facilitate many work processes. It is no longer considered an advantage – it is

PHP development practice has reached a new level. Nowadays, every working process is already automated, and it is no longer needed to create a certain engine from scratch. Therefore, the development process itself is pleasant and almost problem-free now. The only thing that will always cause new questions and thereby force developers to find out

It’s great when a new project appears. The inception of an idea, the formation of the basic functions of the future product, the visual representation of the entire interface – all these efforts are pleasant and interesting to every developer. It often happens when after the idea a developer immediately sits to write the code,

Blockchain-based technology has been already exciting public and business communities for several years. It was predicted by the best future, tantalizing prospects and a mass adoption – is not it a miracle? However, according to the latest research of the web source Forrester, many huge world enterprises, that previously expressed their wishes to implement blockchain

It has long been known that any change in the bitcoin course causes a stir not only among holders of this currency, but also outside observers. Increase in value promises a hot exchange sales, and a downfall makes people think only of a complete collapse. All it is real ups-and-downs – nobody knows what to

PHP Development: Its Excellent Features

PHP is considered to be one of the old-timers in the web development space. In a certain sense, this language can be called as a ‘bone of discord’: there are lots of miscellaneous opinions, where and how to use this programming tool. Despite all the disputes, PHP remains actual, becoming better with its upgrades and

  What is it? One of the oldest and most famous ways to get quite unfair profit is the pump and dump schemes. Long story short, a group of shareholders (or raiders) bought and sold shares to each other, raising the price and creating a visibility of demand, and then dumped all to ordinary investors.

For almost two years bitcoin tradings do not lose their relevance. Going through vigorous growth and significant falls, bitcoin is in some calm conditions at the present time. All share analysts are braced for its new jump, that usually entails a huge bull trend. But how to know it is going to happen soon? In

Even some five years ago the active promotion of outsourcing it services in labor market caused a real excitement, stir or even hype. And now, when everyone has already felt all the benefits of this way of cooperation, this practice is taken to the assembly line. Virtually every third company chooses outsourced it services, and