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One of the oldest and most famous ways to get quite unfair profit is the pump and dump schemes. Long story short, a group of shareholders (or raiders) bought and sold shares to each other, raising the price and creating a visibility of demand, and then dumped all to ordinary investors. Previously those manipulations concerned

For almost two years bitcoin tradings do not lose their relevance. Going through vigorous growth and significant falls, bitcoin is in some calm conditions at the present time. All share analysts are braced for its new jump, that usually entails a huge bull trend. But how to know it is going to happen soon? In

Even some five years ago the active promotion of outsourcing it services in labor market caused a real excitement, stir or even hype. And now, when everyone has already felt all the benefits of this way of cooperation, this practice is taken to the assembly line. Virtually every third company chooses outsourced it services, and

Still can’t find any reliable back-end development? ZubrSoft is ready to give you some profitable tips how to deal with back-end development companies and find the most suitable outsourcing for your application or website. Huge amount of back-end development services offers different solutions based on the product type and strategy. Back-end outsourcing helps you to

Having an established business that brings a constant but not very high income is good and practical. Well, there can be some troubles with orders, the sudden loss of clients, but it happens to everyone sometimes, doesn’t it? If you don’t think so and you are not so down-to-earth person, it will be useful to

According to the annual report of American popular B2B ratings and reviews web portal Clutch, ZubrSoft has received a place in the rating of the 200 most successful IT companies located in Belarus and Russia. The choice of companies in this rating was made through a study of the specifics of the company’s work, the

General Data Protection Regulation

Hi there, To support the upcoming changes in EU data regulation (GDPR), ZubrSoft improved our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand what data we collect and what it’s used for. What’s changing? Nothing is changing about the type of data ZubrSoft collects or how we use it.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Clinical trials consist of several stages, each phase comprising several stakeholders who exchange a variety of data related to drugs, patient health, collected samples, etc. This in addition to the exchange of physical material such as drugs, test tubes or bottles, and a medical device and devices, among other things. The clinical trial process must

Bitcoin Treats

The bitcoin influence will soon hit the mark of 0.5% of global energy consumption and mining it could soon cost so much that it will no longer be profitable. Researchers say that the absolute minimum for energy consumption from the bitcoin network today is 2.55 Gw, which is just a little bit less than energy

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